Rise of the Runelords

The Amazing Adventures of Jakkwynbrakk, part XVII

From the journal of Jakkwynbrakk

24th day of Lamashan 4707, continued
At the very top of the clock tower we faced the snake lady. But first we saw smoke pouring out of the statue of an angel, and out of the smoke a flying demon armed with with a chain weapon materialized itself. The snake lady, who was invisible, struck while we were preoccupied with the demon flying around the tower. She was ridiculously strong, and many of my comrades fell during the battle: Leewald, Zarazyl, Kvall. Even Tama, though he always return to me. I only managed to save Aran. I was all alone with my summoned stone elemental when she finally fell. I might have lost it there for a while, stabbing her face once or thirty-thrice.

Aran and I searched the top of the tower after he had scaled the tower, and we found great riches. We also found a letter. The snake lady, Xanesha, apparently has a sister who has a similar operation going on in a place called Turtleback Ferry. Although she use other methods, they both appear to be cultivating greed to revive some lord. My money is still on Karzoug. Well, if we manage to bounce back from this setback perhaps we can take a look. Wouldn’t want some evil god to be resurrected. But first order of business will be to make sure that the brotherhood is cleansed from this city. We have taken shelter within the walls of Zarasyl’s holy order. I’m hoping they can help us in this endeavor. They have also promised to help us resurrect our fallen friends. It’s up to them now if they wish to return.

25th day of Lamashan until 4th of Neth 4707
Leewald is back from the dead, thankfully, but Zarasyl remain dead. We merely killed time for a few days while waiting for Ironbriar’s journal to get decoded. Aran and Leewald had crafting to do. Personally I did my shopping and had the Sihedron Stars analyzed by an expert. There were only minute differences, and as long as a runelord isn’t resurrected we should be fine. We also tried to find out some information about our next destination. Not much information to be had, but it would appear that Fort Rannik has already fallen.

When the journal was finally decoded we went straight to the Justicars together with Tira Ronnova, the chaplain. At least that was the idea. We were waylaid by that douche Boewin Nox and taken down into the dungeons to speak to his new employer, the Lord-Mayor himself. The situation was tense. Aran even tried to give Nox a beating after an insult directed towards me! Unfortunately Nox was a skilled in unarmed combat and could pin him down quite easily. Mrs Chaplain had to intervene before things turned ugly. Anyways, the Lord-Mayor showed up and we presented our evidence. He was so shocked that he fainted! It also turned out that Nox wasn’t quite as bad as expected. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a douche, just not an evil douche. The Lord-Mayor wanted to bury the evidence and pay for our silence, for the sake of the town. Mrs Chaplain objected and I was temped to do so as well, but to be honest I just wanted to get out of the room. This cesspool of corruption, Magnimar, will burn soon enough when the people grow tired. No need for me to provide the spark. We not only received 2000gc each, but we also received invitations to a great party hosted by the Lord-Mayor at his manor.

The party was lavish to say the least. It was fun and I made a lot of contacts. Maybe it can be useful at a later time. During the party we were also asked to meet with the Lord-Mayor once again, but after a few days. At this meeting we were asked to go investigate what has transpired at and around Turtleback Ferry. This was when we met Shalelu again and when we met Tagnor the giant dwarf for the first time.



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