Iesha Foxglove (Deceased)

Human Female Noble


Iesha was known for her striking dark hair and olive complexion. Her luscious curves were only part of what made her so attractive, her angelic voice and strong-will nature adding just as much. A Varisian, Iesha commonly wore colorful clothing, long, flowing dresses and an heirloom scarf.


On a fateful night in early 4707 AR, Iesha and her caravan were stuck atop a moor near the newly reinhabited Foxglove Manor in the midst of a torrential storm. Aldern Foxglove, the manor’s owner, was gracious enough to provide them sanctuary and welcomed them into his home for shelter. Iesha and Aldern were instantly smitten with one another, and she accepted his proposal for marriage that very night. They were married within the week and lived the idyllic life of newlyweds for several months thereafter.

Iesha Foxglove (Deceased)

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