Rise of the Runelords

The Amazing Adventures of Jakkwynbrakk, part XVI

From the journal of Jakkwynbrakk

21th and 22nd day of Lamashan 4707
We tried for days to find out information about the cult and we also looked for indications that the sawmill was a nest of evil, but we had no luck. The library was useless! Only the forbidden collection sounded promising, and that one cost a thousand gold pieces to peruse through. It was also not open to gnomes! Discrimination of the highest order!

Zarasyl asked around about murder victims found lately and got two names: Henrir Shaw and Bode Erinson, both killed in Beacons Point. Henrir Shaw had been killed three weeks ago, so he wasn’t that interesting. Bode Erinson on the other hand had been killed pretty recently. He was the owner of the Silver Talent, a gambling hall. Investigating the gambling den didn’t yield us anything useful though. All it did was to get us in trouble, and I had to bail us out with a misdirection!

Some time was also spent keeping the sawmill under surveillance. I even flew in close on Tama’s back one day, with Leewald in tow. We learned a little about possible entrances and about the messenger ravens they keep on the roof. We also saw a hooded man leaving the sawmill around midnight. The next night we all were there and tried to follow him, but he gave us the slip. I even persuaded a stray dog to track him down for us, but he got all lost and ate my food. We were out of options, so we decided to kick in some doors the next evening.

23rd day of Lamashan 4707
That evening we watched the sawmill as the time for the drop got closer. We saw some people arrive with a cart, so something seemed to be up. After midnight we moved in after Aran ‘the Lockpick’ Flynn opened the door for us. We quickly moved through the sawmill, floor after floor, looking for cultists. At the top we found them, and by the look of things they were in the early stages of a ritual. An unconcious man was sprawled on the floor in the middle of the crowd. All the talk about Father Skinsaw made me remember that it’s a name that the god Norgorber goes by. How’s a Norgorber cult connected to the runelords of Thassilon?

Anyways, we used the element of surprise to our advantage and attacked the distracted cultists. The head cultist hated gnomes and went all out on me! Now he’s dead and I’m not. It was quite a battle, but we prevailed in the end. The head cultist was that pompous ass Ironbriar, of course. I knew he was in on this! That means that the one we spoke to might have been a faceless stalker. Why didn’t we buy that wand again? His journal might be full with clues, and incriminating information about him, but it’s coded. It’s written in draconic, elven and some third language that I couldn’t identify. We need to decode the journal later. But who can we trust in this town? Maybe we can have Aran detect abberrants when we meet with the people of Zarasyl’s order, and if no one is an imposter we can put our faith in them, so to speak. I don’t know what kind of pull they have in this city.

The unconcious man was named Connor. The worst liar I ever saw. He was clearly taken for his greed, but I find it odd that they would bring him here. Are they really bringing them here only to kill them and dump the bodies elsewhere? Maybe they were turning him after all, though what use they could hope to get our of him is beyond me. I learned that he’s staying in Lowbridge but that he moves around alot. He told us we could ask for him at the Flying Pig if we needed him. Don’t know if there’s actually a place called that or if it was a witty way of insinuating that we’ll never see him again. Either way I don’t have any interest in seeing him again and I don’t think we’ll need to either.

Up on the roof I had a talk with the ravens there. Turned out to be pretty nice guys. They deliever messages to the “Snake lady” in an abandoned clocktower under the bridge. So that would be our next stop, but in the morrow. We don’t have much else to go on until we can decrypt that journal.

24th day of Lamashan 4707
The tower is definetly harboring great evil. Already on the ground floor we faced some form of giant construct, a flesh golem Zarasyl suggested. He almost killed Aran, and gave him a wound not even Leewald’s magic can seem to heal. On our way up Aran got in leathal danger once again when a giant bronze bell came crashing down! It wounded him and almost dragged him down with it. I was ready with my new Feather Fall spell, but I never had to use it. Up by the bells we got ambushed by faceless stalkers! I face two of them while the rest of the party had trouble dealing with the one! I kept them busy while Tama picked them off one by one. The rest might think that I was close to falling to my death during the battle, but we all know that I wasn’t in any real trouble. I did thank Zarasyl for “saving” me though. It’s the thought that counts right? Maybe I’ll be able to repay him before we leave this tower. I expect the snake lady to be formidable foe, but perhaps she can be reasoned with?



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