Rise of the Runelords

The Amazing Adventures of Jakkwynbrakk, part XV

From the journal of Jakkwynbrakk

17th day of Lamashan 4707, continued
Well, the trickery didn’t exactly go as planned. It was a good plan, a great one even, as all my plans are. But all the same we ended up in a disadventageous situation because of it. Has Shelyn forsaken me? I pray to her almost every day! When I remember it. I definetly have to speak to Father Sir about that offer I’ve been thinking of giving. But from now on I have to be more cautious. I have to be better. The rest rely on me for guidance. Just imagine how lost they would be without me…

But I should start from the beginning.

We returned to Sandpoint in the evening the same day. I noticed while we were taking care of business that Grak wasn’t quite himself. He seemed distant. The loss of his father probably hit him in full force now that he didn’t have his revenge to focus on. He left our little group shortly after he got his share of the loot. Apparantly he was going to take his ship and sail away, to where I do not know. Perhaps we’ll see each other again one day.

Mister Sheriff was relieved to know that we had killed the Lordship and wanted to know if we thought the murders would stop. I told him the grim truth, that the murderer might be dead but those that directed his hand are still out there. Mister Sheriff was very persistant about learning more of that threat still looming out there. I told him the gist of it. It’s dangerous information and I don’t want him to get killed over it. If we can even trust him. We did get our reward money, and even some extra for the bounty on Redshiv’s head.

When we got back to the Rusty Dragon we noticed a strange animal outside. A big hairy beast which I later learned is called a “buffalo”. Inside was where we first met Zarazyl, a friend of Ameiko’s and as I write this: our newest party member! He’s a paladin who has been investigating the murders, just like us. He had done this in Magnimar, but unfortunatly without anything to show for it. Rather than give up he decided to follow up murders in Sandpoint instead. I’m sure he’ll be a valuable member of the party in no time. He has already cured Tama of some horrible disease!

18th day of Lamashan 4707
The next day we went to the Cathdral. We went there the day before as well, and that is when I suggested that we employ the help of their clerics to make holy water. We needed the water to cleanse the evil from Misgivings. Aran also got help from the disease he had contracted from the battle with Aldern. After our visit we hit the road once more.

Sometime later we arrived at Misgivings and the evil aura was as strong as ever. The moldy man had even regrown, but luckily Leewald had brought enough material to clean in all away. However it was not enough! According to Zarasyl the aura was as strong as ever. That was when Leewald tried consecrating the room to purge the evil. That finally did the trick! But maybe we’ll stop by on our way back from Magnimar just to make sure…

19th day of Lamashan 4707
We arrived in Magnimar in the evening the next day. We covered about half the distance after leaving Misgivings, and we slept at a roadside inn at the end of that day. We knew we had to search the Foxglove townhouse, but we didn’t know where it was. Thus we spent the evening asking around town, trying to locate it. This is Zarasyl’s home city, so he handled the talking. We could narrow it down to the Naos district (hah, I had already deduced that!), but to narrow it down further we had to visit the census office in the morrow. We got rooms at an inn in the Capital district.

20th day of Lamashan 4707
We finally got a hold on the townhouse adress after an early visit to the census office. The information cost us a hand and a leg though. 20g to walk into the next room and rifle through some files? I’m in the wrong line of business! Nah… it sounds really boring.

The townhouse appeared abandoned, but it was hard to tell from a distance. We didn’t want to get close in case the cult was keeping it under surveillance, so we scoped it from afar. Afterwards we simply killed time until the evening when we could go ahead with the plan.

The plan was for Aran to use the hat of disguise to look like Aldern. He was then to enter the building and let the rest of us, who are invisible, in. The cult who are keeping an eye will send agents to contact Aldern… and that is when we pounce! We interrogare the cultist and bring down the cult! Easy! But the cultists were already there in the form of faceless stalkers who had stolen Aldern’s and Iesha’s identities!

Faux-ldern and Faux-esha tried to ambush us but failed miserably! The short version is that we killed them easily. We found some money and some papers providing us with more clues. Our next step is probably Seven’s sawmill. It looks like Aldern got mixed up with this Brotherhood of the Seven when he inherited his grandfather’s debt to them, and that they thoroughly corrupted him. It feels better somehow to know that he wasn’t inheritly evil, but simply weak.

Tomorrow we’ll check out that sawmill! Maybe we shall get one of those wands that detects abberrations…



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