Rise of the Runelords

The Amazing Adventures of Jakkwynbrakk, part XIV

From the journal of Jakkwynbrakk

17th day of Lamashan 4707, continued
A short entry, since I’m completely exhausted! We fought our way through underground caverns, killing off countless ghouls! Most of us drained of power, but still we braved it out. Eventually we found Aldern himself sitting in a chair in his humble subterranean living space. He was quite civil until he saw Grak, which is when he entered a rage and started attacking! Aran got paralyzed and almost died, but I saved him by trying out my new invisibility spell! Around that time Aldern suddenly broke down sobbing uncontrollably. I held Tama back since I wanted to seize that moment to maybe get a few answers out of him; but Grak, sensing weakness, pelted him with arrows. That’s when Aldern snapped out of it, took out a flabby skin mask and covered his face with it. By wearing the mask he turned into Grak! He then started furiously attacking Grak! The real Grak! Ehm, faux Grak attacked real Grak. Though I suppose the opposite is true as well. Either way; he would have died if it wasn’t for Tama who, with my crucial help of course, tripped and made minced meat out of Aldern.

We found some stuff, some of it most likely magical. I’ll have to check when were aren’t around this overwealming aura. I’m the most curious about the chime, and the hat that we found later of course! We also found a letter for Aldern, written to him by Xanesha. Probably some Skinsaw bigshot. It was a very interesting letter, and I see an opportunity for trickery here! But it would take some planning and effort. I imagine that we’ll recouperate back in Sandpoint, pick up some holy water to cleanse the rest of the mold man and then head straight for Magnimar. We have some leads now. Both Aldern’s townhouse and Pug’s Contraptions.

Oh, and we faced some bat creature and found the corpse of Shaz “Redshiv” Bilger. As per usual people were at the brink of death and Tama bailed them out. Go Tama!



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