Rise of the Runelords

The Amazing Adventures of Jakkwynbrakk, part X

From the journal of Jakkwynbrakk

12th day of Lamashan 4707
Today I was woken up at the crack of dawn by Aran who said Sir Sheriff wanted to see us posthaste. Well, at least it felt like the crack of dawn. I didn’t even have time to shave, or to summon Tama for that matter! So away we went to see Sir Sheriff. It turned out that another serial killer was skulking the streets of Sandpoint. This was the first time I heard about this, and apparantly the murderer had struck twice killing five people in the process. Gruesome murders too, not unlike the Chopper murders five years prior. The city guard might not be the most competent when it comes to stopping serial killers, but they sure are good at keeping their investigations under wraps!

The first three murders had taken place south of town, at the abandoned Bradley’s Barn. By the look of things someone refering to himself as ‘Your Lordship’ had lured some con men to their deaths. The city guard happened upon the murder scene after they had been assaulted by a raving madman, an adventurer by the name of Grast Sevilla. His clothes were caked in blood, making him the prime suspect for a while. He’s currently being treated at Habe’s Sanatorium.

The last two murders happened last night, and this time it was in town! Banny Harker and Katrine Vinder were found dead inside the sawmill. It was one of town’s worst kept secrets that the two were seeing each other. The suspects this time around were Ibor Thorn and Ven Vinder. Ibor runs, or ran, the sawmill together with Banny and was the one who found their bodies. Ven is Katrine’s father and is probably a suspect due to his temper. The theory being he had killed them both in a blind rage after finding out his daughter was seeing Banny. A note, again from ‘Your Lordship’, had been found on the scene. This time it mentioned Grak by name. He denied knowing anything about the letter, but surely there must be some connection.

But all of the current suspects are most likely innocent though. Not only did my talk with Sir Scholar give me some insight, but I divined something recently concering the smell at the sawmill. We definetly have a powerful undead on our hands! If the undead and this lord fellow are one and the same is unclear, although I doubt it.

First thing we did was to examine the corpses of the con men down in cold storage. Well it was mostly Leewald, but I helped! I also took the time to summon Tama. Wouldn’t want to be jumped by a murderer without Tama there to protect me! Leewald found sihedron symbols carved into each man’s torso! According to Sir Scholar the sihedron star is an old thassilonian symbol representing the seven virtues, the seven schools of magic (excluding divination) and also the empire itself. Not many would know of this symbol.

After an hour or so we made our way to the sawmill, but not before requesting that Sir Sheriff should put a guard outside of Harker’s residence. There was a quite a crowd amassing outside of the sawmill, so we opted to take the backdoor in. It was quite a gruesome scene, way more so than seeing the bodies back at the garrison. And that smell! Katrine had been thrown into a logsplitter and Banny had been hung on hooks and mutilated. Only Banny had the same sihedron carving as the con men. Someone, either Banny or Katrine defended themselves using an axe. The flesh stuck on the axe was what produced the foul smell which lead me to believe we are dealing with an undead. That and that the pets refused to go anywhere near it.

My theory is that the undead surprised the couple and went after it’s intended target, Harker. Katrine grabbed an axe and tried to help her lover. She truck true, but it wasn’t enough. The undead grabbed and threw her into the logsplitter. The undead dragged Harker away to the position where we found him and finished it’s deed.

At Harker’s place we said hello to the guard and broke in to find evidence. It was locked, and we found no keys on Harker. Unsurprisingly we didn’t find any keys inside either. But the sawmill had been fully unlocked. Unless he dropped his keys, someone has stolen them. Maybe the guards confiscated them? But either way, why would he keep the sawmill unlocked? We did find love letters from Katrine suggesting that they might have planned to elope. We also found a ledger, which was odd since we had already found one in the sawmill. A backup in case of a fire? Or was he embezzling money and kept a non altered ledger? Grak seemed more interested in the furniture than the investigation.

When we were done at Harker’s place Leewald suggested we should speak to Ven’s other daughter, Shayliss, before Mr Vinder was released from custody. No one answered the door though, which made me worried. After this we split up, Aran and Grak going their seperate ways and Leewald and I went to the Rusty Dragon for lunch. After the lunch I suggested we should speak to Ven about his daughter not answering the door. Since he’s so overprotective he’d want to know that! Leewald agreed, which made me even more sure that this was a good idea! It ended up with a race from the garrison to Ven’s shop! I won! Luckily Shayliss was fine! Mr Vinder yelled at me some so I left. The only thing we learned from this is that Leewald need some physical exercise to get into shape.

So what are we up against? My guess is that bloody Skinsaw Cult! I asked Leewald to hide the amulet in his haversack as a precaution. Maybe the lord is it’s leader. That won’t help us track him down though. Not quickly at least. The victims appear to be targeted, and we need to find the connection. At the moment it seems like they may be targeting criminals. And there’s that undead! Could they have raised Chopper as an undead? We should exhume his grave just to be sure. Father Sir could point us in the right direction. Maybe he can even tell what kind of creature of the night we are dealing with. We have a long day ahead of us, and an even longer night.



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