Rise of the Runelords

A Quick Stop at Thistletop

From the Journal of Leewald Brightspark 29th of Rova to 1st Lamashen

So I’m not really sure where to begin this, it’s been a confusing couple of days full of revelations and near deaths and a particularly and nauseating visit to wait goblin privy. Having cleared out the tunnels beneath Sandpoint we set out for Thistletop aiming to dismantle the leadership of the goblin rebellion. In preparations for this trip we spoke to several of the townspeople, acquiring a bounty for goblin ears from the stable master and also gaining some insight into the area and its history from two of the more scholarly people in town. It turns out the statue we found underneath Sandpoint was dedicated to Runelord Alaznist who used to rule those area of Varisia. It is believed that each Runelord had a specific virtue and hers was kindness but there seems to be some kind of corruption duality with these virtues and the picture doesn’t come together as it should.

Moving through Nettlewood he is a grueling experience and I would caution anyone against going there. It is perhaps safer now that the goblins are gone, assuming of course that they don’t move back in again, but the vegetation is nearly impassable. I and Jakk had the benefit of our shorter stature and Rufous and the other animals enjoyed a similar advantage, but anyone taller than this will not enjoy traveling through Nettlewood. It eventually became such a problem that we had to leave our horses.

As we neared Thistletop we encountered a network of tunnels and clearings in the vegetation, a clear sign of the goblin presence in the area.This led to several grueling fights, where he faced not only goblins but sea creatures, dogs and salamanders. The fight against the sea creature is noteworthy mostly because of Aran’s curiosity. Upon finding a whole a leading down to the water level of a cave he promptly decided to anchor a role and climb on down. Unfortunately this sea creature had some kind of supernatural roar that panicked him and had him cowering in the corner until I and Lyriana could reach him.

Shortly afterwards faced off against a goblin spellcaster of some variety. This was a time-consuming and frustrating fight as this particular goblin made the roots in the ground around us fight on his side. And it became even more frustrating when he managed to disengage and flee across the bridge. Aran and Lyriana were first across this bridge which ended in disaster. The goblins and set a trap you see and dislodged one side of the bridge making anyone on the bridge for almost certain death at the water 80 feet below. Aran ended up hanging from Lyriana’s leg as she herself held onto the bridge, making my body feel like it was swinging in turn with Aran. It was like some kind of magic was trying to make itself known. Perhaps this is why I didn’t notice that Lyriana had fallen off the bridge into the water just after she helped Aran grab onto it. That we were still fighting the goblin fortifications on the other side of the castle probably didn’t help either. Either way she was dead before I could realize it..

Eventually we managed to kill the goblins guarding the bridge allowing us to repair the damaged side and make our way across.Inside the fortification we fought several more groups of both goblins and their riding animals, found a war horse they had captured, discovered that their kitchens are almost as foul as their latrines and discovered the throne room of the goblin chieftain.



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