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  • Shrine of Sarenrae

    An abandoned shrine to the goddess Sarenrae exists in the Underbridge district of the Varisian city of Magnimar. It was built in the early days of the settlement by a priest and his acolytes. They were later found murdered and their bodies were buried in …

  • Cathedral of Abadar

    The largest temple in Magnimar is the cathedral of Abadar, a sprawling stone structure that also serves as the primary bank and moneylender not only for Magnimar but also for the entire region of western Varisia. Dozens of acolytes, priests, and paladins …

  • Temple of Iomedae

    The fortress-like temple of Iomedae, presided over by Chaplain Tira Ronnova, stands here sounding the daily call to glory and preaching of honor, sacrifice, and spiritual rewards to the layman.

  • Deadeye Lodge

    This humble but sturdy wooden lodge would look more at home on the shores of a high-mountain lake than in an urban environment, yet the church of Erastil prefers this building's awkward rustic look.

  • Dome of the Savored Sting

    This garish stone structure features a black-and-golden dome crowned by a thin black spire-a representation of the goddess Calistria's sting. The temple accepts worshipers, but also functions as a brothel to those the church deems worthy of the honor of …

  • Church of Pharasma

    Magnimar's Pharasmin church is a small, humble building compared to the much larger cathedral located in Korvosa, yet the building is still impressive for its haunting facade and steep, spiky rooftop. Led by Annamentus Jivorus, the acolytes of this church …

  • Cynosure Tower

    It's unusual for the priesthood of Desna, with their fondness of travel and the night sky, to build permanent shrines . But as Desna's worship is quite popular among Magnimarians, particularly among the city's pure-blooded Varisians, the faith maintains a …

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