Rise of the Runelords

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Sandpoint's Swallowtail Festival
From the Journal of Leewald Brightspark 23 - 24 day of Rova 4707

I got an early start on the Swallowtail Festival. There were several competition around town, and all the cooks in town seemed to have their own stalls offering up their specialties. Most of the foods were interesting and I had ago at the strongman competition. I almost placed even with the strongest man in town. The festival carried on like that until evening when the town leaders held some speeches. Unfortunately that’s when the goblins struck. A whole band of the swarmed the town. I and a handful of other capable townspeople fended of several goblins in the main square and saved a town merchant or something named Foxglove. He was immensely grateful and wanted us to meet up a week later to reward us.

As further reward we were offered rooms at The Rusty Dragon for a week. “We” here refers to myself, a gnome named something-something-jakk-something, a half-orc named Grak, the human Aran and an elf by the name of Lyriana. We had a few drinks at The Dragon that night.

It also turned out that the Sheriff found and captured one of the attacking goblins, but was without a translator for goblin. Jakk offered to help with that, which put us all in the town jail early next day feeding and interrogating a goblin warrior. He claimed that the clan had been offered food and victims to slay in town by a longskanks that visited his clan in the Mosswoods. The longskank wanted to gain entry to the town cemetery and apparently used the goblins as a distraction because we found the tomb of the previous father that died in some fire a couple of years ago broken into. The bones of this priest were stolen by a half dozen goblins and something human looking from the tracks they left.

We attempted to track the path this group took out of town, but they entered the river at one point and we couldn’t find their tracks again.

The Amazing Adventures of Jakkwynbrakk, part I
From the journal of Jakkwynbrakk

23rd day of Rova 4707
It was the day of the Swallowtail Festival and I could hardly wait! Games and free food? Sign me up! Thus I went to the festival area early to get in on the action. There I found some fun kids that wanted to play hide and seek with me! Obviously they were out of my league, but I lost on purpose a few times. Oh, and they also petted Tama. He wasn’t amused but hey, to see the excitement in those kids eyes, he seemed ok with it eventually. Oh, and I saw that wierd halfling from before, turns out his name was Leewald Brightspark, partaking in the strongman contest. He’s sooo strong that he put many of the tall people to shame, like Aran! Oh how I laughed when he spilled all that water over himself!

Time flew fast and suddenly it was time for the speeches. My stomach was grumbling. I had eaten a light breakfast to be able to taste all the different foods! The speeches were kind of boring as they usually are. Madam Mayor, Sir Sheriff, Father Sir and that actor all had things to say. The town people seemed to appreciate it though. Afterwards the stalls had finally opened and I tasted everything! Everything except for Garridan’s peppercorn venison. So sick and tired of that! Had that several times weekly for a month! The rest was all good, but Ameiko’s curry spiced salmon was something extra though!

Later that evening, at sundown, it was almost time for the bonfire! Finally! Father Sir only had to recite some prayer or something first. It was however cut short when goblins suddenly attacked the event! Goblins! I had seen many of my companions before, but this was when I actually met them. Did fate bring us together? I hope so! That sounds really exciting! Oh right, the fight. I hit a goblin with my sling! I knew all my practice would pay off. Tama killed alot of goblins! I’m so proud! The rest did good too, though Lyriana hurried to help Sir Sheriff so I lost track of her for a while.

The town started to get that situation under control when we suddenly heard a damsel in distress! The damsel was a rich guy named Foxglove. I screamed to him to take cover but he wouldn’t listen! His dog was already dead. Stupid human. This was where I did the impossible. I hit a goblin from 200 ft away, square between the eyes! Took him right out! I told the rest about it but they didn’t seem that impressed. Anyways, we killed the goblins and saved Sir Foxglove. He promised us a dinner and some reward! Soon!

We later met up at the Rusty Dragon. Ameiko was so pleased by my heroism that was offered to stay at her inn, free of charge. I had to share room with Leewald though, but he seem fun enough. If he can lighten up a little. What’s up with people not remembering my name by the way? I humoured them though. They can call me Jak. Oh and Sir Sheriff showed up! It turns out he was in dire need of someone who can translate goblin and I offered my services!

24th day of Rova 4707
The next day I was almost forcibly escorted to the garrison by Lyriana! She’s a no-nonsense woman isn’t she! She too could lighten up a little but she seem very good at what she does. Anyways I translated what the goblin said and mostly let Lyriana do her thing. It seems like the goblins invading the festival may have been a diversion for a smaller group to be able to extract the former high priest’s body from his crypt. This smaller group of six goblins was led by a longshank, possibly a human necromancer. We did see skeletons! And I saw that necromantic aura. We followed their tracks for a while and started discussing our next step. Get the goblin? Follow the tracks? Go straight to Mosswood? Oh yeah, the goblins came from Mosswood, I forgot to write that!

Lyriana's Journal
24th day of Rova 4707

24th day of Rova 4707
So yesterday was an interesting…puzzling…day. The town held the Swallowtail Festival, and of course my stepfather put my little sister to slaving away at his stall instead of getting to enjoy the festival. The day went fairly well. I met some new friends, of sorts, at the festival. Unfortunately things were interrupted rather abruptly by an attack of goblins, of all creatures. I’ve never seen them inside of the town limits before.
We quickly dispatched the goblins, and luckily the Sheriff was able to capture one alive. I attempted to question him, with the help of a new acquaintance, Jak, a rather interesting gnome fellow. We were repeatedly interrupted in our interrogation by the antics of Aran, an overeager hunter who joined us. I actually had to physically restrain him from harming the prisoner. It wasn’t that difficult to hold him back, however. The man seems quite weak. I was a little worried that I had hurt him.
We found out that he was from the Mosswood tribe, and that the tribe had been working with a human to attack the town! He said that the “longshanks”, as he called the human, took a smaller group for a secret mission to the cemetery. We headed over there and discovered a crypt had been broken into. A priest’s body had been stolen, and the dark aura of necromantic activity was left behind.
The next morning, we tracked the goblins and their human leader to the river, but lost the trail there. This evening we are meeting with a rather charming, handsome, and not very modest noble named Foxglove to receive some kind of reward. I do hope it’s gold. I need to pay off my stepfather as soon as possible.

The "Great" Hunt
From the Journal of Leewald Brightspark 24th to 25th of Rova, 4707
After spending hours the other day looking for goblins we all of a sudden decided to take Aldern Foxglove on a hunting trip the next morning. Morning of course means noon in human. But he did make good on his promise to reward us, giving us both mounts and spending money. I got me a nice big riding dog, a big surprise that Sandpoint even sold them, but saves me a lot of work tracking one down.

Grak has become an accomplished boar hunter since last I saw him. And we did kill us a big one. Aldern unfortunately got himself so drunk afterwards that he passed out before dinner. The Rusty Dragon will be serving boar for days though, so he should be able to taste it at some point.

The Amazing Adventures of Jakkwynbrakk, part II
From the journal of Jakkwynbrakk

24th day of Rova 4707, continued
After some deliberation we decided to head back to town so that we could better prepare for our journey to Mosswood. We even talked about renting a boat to get us there! I’ve only travelled by boat once, but I would have loved to do it again! Tama wouldn’t have loved it all that much though. But before we could get through with it we were sidetracked.

Back in town we tried to find an expert on the local goblin tribes. That was easier said than done! Everyone claimed that Miss Shalelu, a local ranger, was the only real expert on the subject. Problem was that she hardly ever came to town and since she had visited recently she wasn’t really expected for another month. Ms Ameiko, her closest friend, never listened to her friend while she raved on about goblins, so she was no help. Sir Sheriff was of no help either and he cautioned us to stay in town to keep the townfolks from panicking. A very sensible man that Sir Sheriff, so we agreed to postpone our excursion at least until the day after. We also got some funding for our investigation which was nice!

In the afternoon we got a hold on Sir Foxglove to ask him about the reward. It turned out he wanted to treat us with a hunt! I was a little disappointed of course, but he assured me more was to come! Since the hunt was scheduled so soon I was a little hesitant about going. I mean I wouldn’t want the town to be in a state of panic with me gone, and we did need to go to Mosswood. But I was so curious about the reward that I went along with the idea. Besides, it could be exciting! But before we parted I asked if I could interest Sir Foxglove in a sketch. The sketch was so good that he payed a fortune for it! Maestro would be so proud I think! With some of the aquired gold I bought that crossbow I’ve always wanted. I even got a discount from the nice lady! I think I’ve begone to make a name for myself in this town and this is only the beginning!

25th day of Rova 4707
The day of the Great Hunt! We gathered just before noon to start our little hunting trip to Tickwood. But before we could leave we had to get mounts for my companions. How embarassing! I could have taken advantage of the situation, but of course I did not. He has been nothing but kind to me. I think he’s like me in many ways, misunderstood and trying to make friends in this world of consequences. Anyways, I kept myself busy examining the grisly, but fascinating, decor of the stables.

When we finally got to Tickwood Grak’thraal was put in charge of the hunt, with Aran assisting. With their combined experience and skill we were soon hot on the trail of a gigantic wild boar! We were just about to catch up when Sir Foxglove thought it was time for a picnic! Boo! Just when it was getting exciting! Each of us got a pouch full of gold though, so all was forgiven!

It didn’t take us long to find the boar after the picnic. Grak’thraal set it all up. The plan was for him to get the boar to charge right for Sir Foxglove so that he in turn could skewer it on his spear. It was working perfectly! I held my breath as the monsterous boar charged right towards Sir Foxglove and his spear! But suddenly something interfered! The very ground under it turned to quicksand and the boar turned belly up! As it got up and started thrashing everyone had recovered from the initial shock and started attacking the beast! I think I provided the kill shot, and Leewald agreed! In turn I agreed with him that this was Sir Foxglove’s day and that he should have the honor! So I humoured him and provided a sketch to celebrate with feat! As for the spell, I suspect it was cast by a playful fae.

Back in town we all celebrated at the Rusty Dragon! Poor Sir Foxglove couldn’t hold his liquor so he left before Ameiko had time to prepare the boar for the feast! The food turned out great, but the evening ended on a sour note after Lonjiku Kaijitsu crashed the party. The old geezer was rude against both Ameiko and Lyriana! Aran let him know he had overstayed his welcome by punching him in the face. I love that guy! Poor Ameiko though, her father’s words seem to have really hurt her.

The Amazing Adventures of Jakkwynbrakk, part III
From the journal of Jakkwynbrakk

26th day of Rova 4707
This morning we were summoned to the Mayor’s office by Sir Sheriff. The reason was for us to speak to Miss Shalelu who had returned early. Sir Sheriff, that perpetual pessimist, figured this could only mean bad news! Turned out he was right though. Miss Shalulu had returned to Sandpoint after noticing something disturbing. The band of pillaging goblins she had slain in the south consisted of goblins from every tribe! The goblins are cooperating! Miss Shalelu told us what she knew about the different tribes, which wasn’t as much as I had hoped for. She also told us about Bruthazmus, a bugbear who seemed to get along with all the goblin tribes. I astutely told her that Bruthazmus might have had a hand in uniting the tribes, and she agreed! We also told her about the “secret mission” and the tracks leading away from the boneyard, and she eventually left to try to track them down. Will she put our rangers to shame? Only time will tell!

Sir Doom and Gloom on the other hand figured he should go Magnimar to get reinforcements for when the goblins inevitably attack again. We were all deputized and left in charge of the town in his absence! But before he left as well, Aran advised him to speak to Sir Foxglove at the Rusty Dragon. His connections in Magnimar could prove very useful he said, very astutely. With Sir Sheriff gone we all looked to Lyriana for leadership, and she quickly came up with a plan. We would patrol the streets by day and try to overhear the goblin scavengers below Junker’s Edge by night! Unfortunetly the goblins never showed.

27th day of Rova 4707
The next morning we were woken up by the maid, who was worried about her “mistress” Ameiko! She showed us a letter from Ameiko’s brother Tsuto. According to the letter she was asked to meet him in the Glassworks at midnight and tell no one about it. He claimed that Lonjiku might have had something to do with the goblins, and more!

We went to the Glassworks to make sure Ameiko was alright. Immediatly we noticed something odd, all the windows were covered by heavy curtains. Lyriana confirmed that there definetly was something odd going on! Aran found a double door more or less on the opposite side of the building which he thought was a good entry point. Leewald tried the secret knock after we realized the doors were locked, but no one answered the door. So Lyriana picked the lock and we all went in!

The place had been completly trashed! Broken tools and shattered glass everywhere! The poor workers had been purposely covered from head to toe with broken glass! Morbid form of artistic expression? Lyriana charged in first and was swarmed by goblins! She fought valiantly but soon fell unconcious to the ground. Luckily Tama drove them off so that Leewald could heal her up! We quickly searched the glassworks to see if we had chased away all the goblins and we found a staircase leading down into darkness.

Down there the corridor split into two and Grak snuck away to the left to scout ahead. This is when Tama spotted goblins in the other direction! Combat started, and behind the line of goblins was a half-elf taking pot shots at us with his bow! We broke through the line of goblins and engaged the half-elf in melee! Grak and Fang had managed to flank him from the other side. But the half-elf wouldn’t go down easy with his martial arts! Fang went down first and Aran took a beating! When we almost had him he tumbled away and took down Grak as well with some lightning fast precision attacks! Grak looked half dead, but as the tough guy he is shugged it off as a flesh wound!

This was when a goblin snuck up behind me! Only my keen awareness saved me from dying right there! I withdrew and warned my companions, and this was when I saw it! Leewald used the very same spell that had been used again that monsterous boar the other day. That prankster! Who knew he had it in him? I like it! Anyways, a bolt right between the eyes from my crossbow took care of that pesky goblin. As for the half-elf, Tsuto, he was taken care of by Tama (well done!) so that Leewald could see to our wounds. I also told him to try to stabilize that scumbag Tsuto so we could question him later! Now we just had to find Ameiko!

Guarding the Community
From the Journal of Leewald Brightspark 26th-28th of Rova, 4707

Sandpoint seems to be in a tough spot. Not only did it suffer a large raid during the festival, news from a local tracker claims a goblin uprising is occurring around it. After three painfully slow weeks before the festival just to see the new church, maybe I’ve found a place where I can do some good. After the family… Well no use dwelling on that. But, I should probably start from the beginning. A few days after the festival the Sandpoint sheriff sought us out at the Rusty Dragon. Apparently a local tracker named Shalelu had made an unexpected return to town to warn them of uprising and cooperation between the goblin clans. According to her all five clans in the area took part in the raid on the festival, something that Grak confirmed, obviously annoyed with himself for not figuring it out earlier. The Sheriff, a Shoanti man named Belor, explained that he was understaffed to protect the town from that many goblins, and therefore needed to go to Magnimar for reinforcements. So he wanted to leave Lyriana in charge of town security.

Since Lyriana was more than willing to accept this responsibility, we spent the night that the junkyard. The sheriff wanted us to take part in the patrols around town and be seen. To bolster morale you see, something that was running low in town since the raid. But the half elf thought this was a better idea, so we spent the night listening to the sounds of the sea water and all the creatures that hunt the shadows at night. No sight nor sound of a goblin though.

Later that day, after far too little sleep I was woken by an angry banging on the door somewhere in the Inn. This turned out to be the maid of the Rusty Dragon begging us to track down the owner who hadn’t been seen since last night. The maid had found a letter indicating that Ameiko, a woman of Tian decent, had gone to The Glassworks last night to talk to her brother.

The Glassworks is a large building at the edge of town near the water, housing both the shop and the workshop, and it makes some of the best glass in the world. When we got there all the windows had been covered with cloth. I and Lyriana attempted to peek through but it turned out the cloth was too securely fastened for my spells to move them. We split up and searched the outside of the building and found another door. Outside the door was this beautiful old boat, and while I was examining the boat the others moved in to The Glassworks and attacked a pack of goblins. From this point my memory is a little fuzzy, maybe I’m not all that used to combat yet. But I think a furious battle on the upper levels of The Glassworks turned into a chase to the lower levels, where we eventually had to fight Tsuto, Ameiko’s brother. We also found Ameiko hogtied and unconscious in a storage room in the lower levels along with an entrance to what looked like a tunnel complex underneath Sandpoint.

From Tsuto’s Journal we learned that he had been working with both the goblins, a local bugbear, some quasits and what appears to be the presumed dead daughter of the previous high priest. From what we can tell the goal of this unholy alliance is to burn the town to the ground.

Having sorted through the mess at The Glassworks we decided to explore the tunnels. While down there Grak managed to find a secret door into a hidden cave in the cliff face beneath the junkyard. This open sided cave led off into a couple of different tunnels one of which took us down into a stone structure older than anything I’ve ever heard off in any campfire story. And most of Ardi’s stories got really old really fast. The place was either guarded by or home to some unnatural and hideous creature that I’ve never seen before. We made short work of it but I think it’s bite is venomous.

We found a statue down there that makes me think Jakk perhaps has a thing for humans. He just wouldn’t stop staring at it even though it was as terrifying as any statue I’ve ever seen. Then again seeing the drawing he made of it maybe the fumes from the glassworks have gone to his head.

As we ventured deeper into the structure we found some kind of prison. It was a large room with several little cells in it, with the wooden platform at the mouth of the tunnel we came from and wooden stairs leading down to the floor of the prison. Lurking underneath this wooden structure was two more of the creatures we had fought earlier. Aran took a heavy beating killing these and the day ended with Grak carrying him Topside.

With a round of healing up at the new church and a good nights sleep you would have thought we were ready to get back down into the tunnels. But the others wanted to interrogate Tsuto so I took the opportunity to do some shopping. I found some surgeons tools that I hope I won’t have to use too much. But with five goblin clans, a bugbear, traitorous townsfolk and various evil outsiders looking to burn Sandpoint to the ground, I doubt there’s much chance of that.

Lyriana and Jakk are working hard at extracting information out of Tsuto, they spent several hours on it earlier today while I travelled around on my new riding dog looking for surgeons tools. She’s a big red thing that I really should have a name for by now, but it just isn’t coming to me. Anyway when I got back to the Inn, I met up with Jakk, and we headed off to the glassworks. Via the barracks of course. He had more tricks to pull on Tsuto. Grak and Aran however were so shaken from yesterday that they spent the entire morning marinating themselves with liquid courage. I’m not sure how much coaxing Lyriana had to do but they did eventually show up.

So down we went. We searched through the old prison finding very little of interest, and a smaller adjoining room with several deformed skeletons in it. This place is covered in some spiky script that none of us are able to identify. You can see worn remnants of it on the walls. Perhaps I got a little bit too involved in the mysteries of this place seeing as how my group left me in the room and found another goblin to fight. Then again maybe my halfling luck saved me as that thing started vomiting over everything. When the first thing you see of a fight is a cloud of vomit you’re kind of glad you were left behind.

This is also where we found a near dozen trapped zombies. I’m not sure how they came to be but we destroyed them on general principle.

Next was this spherical room with black shadows and floating rats and maggots, completely normal when you’re adventuring you see. I managed to use my haunting deficient to lasso a bunch of stuff out of that room, it’s always nice when that thing’s an asset.

After that we spent what felt like hours tracking back and forth in the tunnels looking for the next place to go. During that we found this disgusting flying head thing that almost charmed that the entire party. I skewered that thing on a spear for all the trouble he cost us. Somewhere around here is also when Aran got so thirsty that he started sampling the local wells. I guess he managed enough courage while we were in town, though I’m not sure he how he still could be thirsty after that.

Back and forth we went, to dead ends at the top of stairs, dead ends at the bottom of stairs, dead ends at the end of tunnels to a dead stop in front of a large stone door. At this point our wits were so dead ended that we couldn’t figure out who or how to open the door. Eventually we did figure it out, though perhaps it would’ve been better if we didn’t.

The final event this day took place inside that room. A huge and drawn out fight with a quasit and a horde of her summoned minions. I mean we fought snakes and dogs and more creatures and this itty bitty little flying thing that was almost impossible to kill. At the end Lyriana had to drown it to kill it. An impressively epic move you see, though it did nearly killed her. Come to think of it, she nearly died twice that fight. Actually everyone was pretty epic that fight, except me and Jakk. I only helped Aran land this huge hit with his hammer and Jakk was chasing the pets around the tunnels. In the end though all that matters is that Sandpoint is safe, who did what is not really important.

28th of Rova, 4707
From the Journal of Lyriana

I’ve been left in charge of the town’s security since the Sheriff left. I am both honored and terrified by this opportunity. I’ve only done a few minor cases since Chopper, and I have no experience in administrative affairs. The stress is phenomenal. How does the Sheriff handle this?

The day after the Sheriff left, Ameiko’s servant woke me early, saying her mistress had disappeared. From a note left in her room, we were able to track her movements to the Glassworks, but unfortunately we were too late for the majority of those there. Tsuto, Ameiko’s half-elf half-brother, had taken a band of goblins through the tunnels under the Glassworks and tortured and killed the workers, including his own “father”.

We found Ameiko, battered and beaten, in a storage room on the lower level. We dispatched the goblins and took Tsuto into custody. Ameiko is bravely holding on and has agreed to keep quiet about the events until we can find out more.

Tsuto refuses to speak. From a journal we located, we can tell he is working with Nualia Tobyn, who we thought was dead. She was the daughter of the former priest, who died in the fire. His was the body stolen from the tomb earlier this week. In the drawings, it appears Nualia is transforming into some kind of demon. What plans she has for Sandpoint after this transformation, I dread to fathom.

Jak, smart man that he is, has managed to convince Tsuto he is a sleeper agent for his beautiful Nualia, and Tsuto appears to be buying it. He has yet to reveal Nualia’s location, but we suspect based on the journal it is somewhere near Thistletop.

We cleared out the tunnels below the Glassworks and posted guards. One particularly vicious creature was this tiny fey woman with a painful dagger the size of a large syringe. She kept harassing us so with her magic and her dagger that I finally seized the bitch and drowned her in a pool of filth.

Badly bruised, we headed back to town for a much needed rest and recuperation.


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