Jakkwynbrakk 'Jak' Whistlefen

Gnome Male Summoner and Artiste


Jak is a gnome dressed in rather simple traveler’s clothes with a quite big old hat resting on top of his head. The hat looks like it might be decades old, worn and repaired many times. He’s around 3.5 ft tall with tan skin. His haircolor is a colorful bronze and he’s sporting a well-kept beard in the gnomish style.


The gnome who would eventually name himself Jakkwynbrakk was born about 60 years ago in the mining town of Whistlefen. While an isolated mining town would be extremely boring for an adult gnome, it’s exciting enough for playful youngsters. Thus his childhood wasn’t worse off than any lowlander’s. It had adventure, it had exploration and it had pranks! To experience this with friends was all a young gnome could wish for. The isolation eventually make itself known however. This is when the youngster is sent out into the world to experience all it has to offer (and return when ready, preferably with a family). In Jak’s case he didn’t go far. He stopped in Whistledown to visit his grandfather, who retired from mining a few years prior, and ended up staying. This was where he fell in love with the art of painting. He studied hard to learn the craft under the tutelage of Maestro, a true bon vivant.

The good years wouldn’t last however. After a few years Whistledown suddenly stopped getting shipments from the mining town up in the Fenwall Mountains. Jak’s town of birth. The people of Whistledown feared the worst and sent soldiers up to investigate. They returned eventually with grim news, Whistlefen had been completely destroyed by monsters. Goblins by the look of things. Jak’s grandfather took this really hard, way more so than Jak himself, and he died from the Bleaching that same year. While Jak wasn’t really close to his parents, which is common for gnomes, he was pretty close to his grandfather, and this sent him into a mild depression. It was during this period in his life that his gift of summoning manifested itself and he accidently summoned Tama. In retrospect Jak like to believe that Tama showed up when he was needed the most. They’ve been thick as thieves ever since.

While Jak don’t think much about it, the arrival of Tama revealed something about himself: He likes to be noticed. It also revealed that living with a talking cat made this so much harder. This was when he started to lie about himself to try to appear a little more interesting.

Many years after his Grandfather’s passing Jak suddenly left town after Maestro was afflicted by the Bleaching. Maestro’s love of life had been sapped right out of him, something that scared Jak greatly. If it can happen to Maestro then it can happen to anyone. So Jak said his goodbyes and embarked on the journey that would eventually take him to Sandpoint.

Jakkwynbrakk 'Jak' Whistlefen

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