Grak'thraal; Son of Tsadok

Half-Orc Male Pack Hunter & Ranger


Grak’thraal is a good sized man; He is 6’4’’ and 205 lb’s. He is always accompanied by his 185 lb armor-clad wolf named Fang.


At an early age the village of his birth (Namn) was destroyed by a raiding party of Giants and his mother was slain. After that his father taught him everything he knew; hunting, tracking, fishing, trapping, carpentry and how to slay Giant’s effectively. His family are known Giant hunter’s and take every opportunity to exact revenge for the loss of his mother.

Grak frequently hunts in Tickwoods east of Sandpoint; deer, wild boar and the occasional firepelt cougar. He takes what pelts and other sellable goods he gets from hunting & sells them to the local tanner Larz Rovanky at Rovanky Tannery.

Occassionally he will join his father at the Fatman’s Feedbag to drink or to find extra work providing muscle to those willing to pay.

Grak'thraal; Son of Tsadok

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