Rise of the Runelords

The Amazing Adventures of Jakkwynbrakk, part XIII

From the journal of Jakkwynbrakk

17th day of Lamashan 4707, continued
We searched throught the rest of the first floor and happened across a remarkably undisturbed murder scene in a sitting room, sans the body. There was a scarlet scarf with an I.F. enbroidered on it, resting on an overturned chair. When Leewald touched the scarf he suffered a vision, much like Aran did earlier and like all of us later. He saw himself being strangled by a familiar man, an unsettling experience for sure! We can now tell that Iesha was the one to get strangled, but there’s also the pool of blood and the bloodied book end. We can also tell with some certainty that Aldern was the one who killed her. But when or how she got killed we can only speculate in, strangulation or a blow to the head. Either way, when I touched the fallen angel book end I had a vision of my own. I was assaulted by tiny flying creatures!

Up on the second floor there was a painting of Iesha which made poor Leewald enrage, running after the party, but ignoring me. Grak pinned him down until he snapped out of it and before he could do any real harm. Was he seeing through Aldern’s eyes or Iesha’s? Or someone elses entirely? Maybe I’ve forgotten what Leewald told me. I should ask him. On the same floor we found a room belonging to a small child, maybe Lorey, where Grak had a vision seeing through her eyes hiding underneath the bed. He could see two grownups fighting, a man and a woman. Maybe Traver and Cyralie. We also found the gallery, which is where we could put names to the faces and got a scare when the paintings changed appearance!

On the third floor we actually found some signs of repair. Might be worth a closer look when we’ve found Aldern. Continuing the exploration we found Vorel’s room, and I had a vision where I was filled with bitterness and regret. Old Geezer Foxglove regretted settling down and missed the adventure’s of his youth. I was out of it for a while, but I snapped out of it when Aran showed me a gorgeous painting by Andosaul himself! Elsewhere we met the revenant of Iesha! She was standing there sobbing, looking into a mirror when she could suddenly sense Aldern’s presence and went crazy! She rushed right into us, Grak let loose some arrows and the fight began. We were victorious!

When we were done with the rest of the house we went down to the dreaded basement. Down there we killed countless of rats and found some fine wine! We also found a necromantic laboratory behind a locked door. There Aran had some vision about some plan involving becoming a lich. Well I already knew that by studying the stained glass mosaics! But who? From the visions alone I’d say it’s Vorel. With all that regret for growing old missing adventure I’d say he has a strong motive for wanting to prolong his life, even though it means turning into an undead. Those stained glass windows also seem to have been there for a long time, which would exclude the last generation. Unless necromancy is a family business… We did find plaques on some cages which said ’Pug’s Contraptions – Magnimar’, which might be a clue for later.

So what have we learned. Vorel and Kasandra are probably Aldern’s grandparents on his father’s side. Traver and Cyralie are probably his parents while Sendeli and Zeeva are his siblings. Lorey could be his sibling or his aunt, it depends on who the fighting couple was. But based on where her painting was placed, it was probably his aunt. Assuming it was his aunt, then the vision downstairs might have been from Kasandra. She might have tried to flee with her daughter, and either succeeded or failed and was killed. Probably killed. Vorel was probably the aspiring necromancer wanting to turn himself into a lich, but one of his children or grandchildren might have taken over if he failed. There isn’t much to go on with the rest of the family. The lack of visions from them might mean they didn’t die there. The manor has been abandoned for a while, so it is possible they moved out at some point after having the family paintings done. Aldern moved in with his bethrothed/wife Iesha and for some reason killed her in rage. Or was this before the Foxgloves abandoned the manor? I don’t know…and I don’t think I need to know. All I need to know is his connection to the Skinsaw Cult and that Aldern is taken care of.



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