Rise of the Runelords

The Amazing Adventures of Jakkwynbrakk, part XII

From the journal of Jakkwynbrakk

16th day of Lamashan 4707, continued
Leewald and I soon arrived at the source of the commotion. As I had feared, it had originated from Grak’s boat. I’ve been around Grak long enough to recognize his wolves by sound alone. Grak himself was at the bow scanning the night, seemingly unhurt, and Aran soon joined him as well. When I asked them if they were alright Grak showed me the severed head of one of his father’s wolves. Nothing more needed to be said. I merely asked him to show us the way. We left Sandpoint in the dead of night, riding swiftly. Far to the east we could hear the soft rumbling from an incomming storm.

Grak’s father, Tsadok, lived down by Boggy Creek, not more than half a mile from Sandpoint. But the rain-laden clouds had already caught up with us by the time we got there. Grak scouted the area while the rest of us focused on the cabin itself. Strewn infront of it were several corpses, most of them undead. Tsadok had put up quite a fight, but it had not been enough. His lifeless body had been nailed to the wall, just the latest victim of the Lordship. The note the serial killer had left behind left little doubt as to his identity however. It had been that bloody Foxglove all along! And to think I gave him one of my sketches for free! I’ll make him suffer…if I can beat Grak to it.

As we exited the cabin we spotted someone familiar approaching. Lyriana! She had apparantly failed with her mission and was now an undead under Foxgloves’ control. She was never very good at combat. What was she thinking running away like that… Anyways, she said she wouldn’t let the Master have us and also that she wouldn’t allow us to go to Misgivings. Grak, who was in no mood to talk, let an arrow fly. Most of the combat was a haze to me. We were attacked from all sides. I took an injury which paralyzed me, leaving me unable to recount exactly what happened. What I could tell was that Leewald most likely saved all of our hides. The clearing was constantly illuminated by radiant energy! More than half a dozen undead had already fallen by the time I could move again, and they were charred beyond recognition. We defeated the rest easily enough and Tama had done well killing Lyriana and her wolf companion. How they got a hold of Fang’s body we will probably never know.

Lyriana now wore an iron key as a necklace. It had the Foxglove symbol engraved on it, yet another thing pointing towards Foxglove Manor. After Grak had created a funeral pyre out of his father’s cabin and said his goodbyes we returned to Sandpoint. It was still late, so we had to rouse Sir Sheriff from his sleep. He was shocked learning that Foxglove was the Lordship, but also grateful for what we had done! He asked us indirectly if we could handle Foxglove, mentioning that he could send guards but that he doubted it would make any difference. Sir Sheriff is so hopeless! But it is of no consequence. It’s personal, so we wouldn’t have it any other way. He promised a reward and that we could loot whatever we wanted from Foxglove Manor.

The wounds I took during battle was festering, so Aran and I went to the Cathedral for aid. Aran gave a huuuge donation. Maybe we should ask if we could get a healing wand when we get back? We spent the rest of the day relaxing, knowing that in the morrow it was time to go to Foxglove Manor and face the Lordship.

17th day of Lamashan 4707
We made it to Foxglove Manor the next day without any incidents. We could see it as a looming shape up on the cliff overlooking the water far below. It was raining so hard that we couldn’t get a good look before we got relatively close to the building. The manor was in disrepair, and both it and the grounds was covered in mold. I recalled hearing the locals talking about a haunted manor around these part called Misgivings. Perhaps the abandoned Foxglove Manor and Misgivings are one and the same.

We entered through one of the double doors, but not before Aran announced our presence using one of the lion door knockers. Why he did that I do not know, just as I don’t know why he sounded the monkey alarm. We are here to kill Foxglove, if that’s even his real name. We aren’t here on a social visit! We can have wine and cheese when we get back. But I digress. The entrance hall was dominated by a big stuffed manticore, which I could sense no magic from. I could tell that the monkey head was magical, before Aran bloody pulled the rope! Afterwards he took it down and brought it with him. We heard a sobbing sound from somewhere upstairs, but we decided to check the ground floor first. Leewald pulled away a rug to check under it and found what he thought was a circular staircase in the mold, hidden by illusions. I could find no magic though. In the adjoining room we found an impressive stained glass mural, depicting a treant, a roc, a kraken and possibly a sphinx. They were being trapped, dematerializing and getting sucked into a seven sided box. The number seven again. Is it showing some form of thassilonian binding ritual?

This is that part where things go crazy. In another room Aran spot footprints being made by an invisible creature, maybe a ghost. He investigate the cold fireplace and suddenly it’s as if he got possesed! He grabbed Leewald under an arm, yelling that they needed to get out of here! He didn’t snap out of it until we were outside, with thousands of red little raven eyes looking at us! Grak intimidated them by shooting a few of them, and suddenly they were all over us! I got blinded by a bright light, probably Leewald missing with one of his spells. So once again I was unable to recount what happened, but I hear it was glorious! What wasn’t glorious was the note Aran played on the piano later. That man isn’t allowed to touch an instrument from now on. Not ever! Oh, and he claim someone whispered Lorey in his ear when he returned to the fireplace! I tried to communicate with the ghost, but it wouldn’t speak to me. Who wouldn’t want to speak to Jakwynbrakk?



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