Rise of the Runelords

The Amazing Adventures of Jakkwynbrakk, part XI

From the journal of Jakkwynbrakk

12th day of Lamashan 4707, continued
I told my companions about the undead threat and adviced that we should go see Father Sir before doing anything else. The rest agreed of course. My opinon do carry immense weight. Father Sir agreed to speak to us in private and he could narrow down the list of what undead it might be conciderably. It was either a powerful zombie created from the corpse of an aasimar or a powerful ghoul known as a ghast. I think we all got concerned that maybe Nualia had been raised as an undead! But luckily all the signs seen since point toward it being a ghast. We had to tell Father Sir about the murders, for the sake of this town, and we had him swear to secrecy. Afterwards we had a look around the boneyard to see if any graves had been disturbed, and it turned out none had.

There was only a few hours of daylight left, but we had time to visit the crime scene at the old Bradley Barn before nightfall. It was mostly a big waste of time, but Aran did find tracks from a single person leading to the river. This led us to believe that the undead might be using the water around Sandpoint to move around unseen. Back in town Leewald and I compared the secret ledger to the ledger at the sawmill. It turned out he had been embezzling money from the Scarnetti’s! Too bad that Harker had already spent it all on those fancy furniture!

That same evening I tried to see Sir Sheriff, but he was being all cloak and dagger! I tried to see him at the garrison, but they wouldn’t tell me where he was and instead sent a courier. I followed the oblivious guard all the way to the courthouse. He was looking nervous for some reason. Unfortunatly there was another guard preventing entry to the building. It turned out he refused to see me this evening! He refused to see me! Jakwynnbrak, hero of Sandpoint! Instead I was to wait for him at the inn the next day! Incredulous!

13th day of Lamashan 4707
I did wait, but Sir Sheriff never showed. My companions were eager to go to Habe’s Sanatorium so I left a message for him instead. It didn’t take too long to get to our destination, however we did search the river bank first for tracks. We found none, and instead we went to the building and rang the bell by the door. Doctor Habe answered the door and seemed all manner of sketchy! Leewald managed to convince him to let us have a short talk with Grast Sevilla, but he wouldn’t allow us to bring our “pets”! Tama is no pet, and I told him as much! I claimed to be Kajwembreckt, famous psychologist, but not even that swayed him. Well I’d rather stay outside than leave than leave Tama because that rude human said so! But I digress, after a while my companions returned with some new information. Apparantly Grast was a Skinsaw cultist! I can’t make sense of it, but I don’t see why he’d lie about it either. In addition he was dying from a sickness, which more or less confirmed that we are dealing with a ghast! Leewald had already warned the man, but I adviced that we should send someone capable from the cathedral instead.

City guards were waiting for us back in Sandpoint and they were instructed to take us to the garrison. They wouldn’t see reason, so I made a run for it at the market. A few overweight guards were no match for the speed of Tama! I made it to the cathedral but Father Sir wasn’t there! The one I spoke to was completely useless so I went to the garrison anyways, since Father Sir just happened to be there. The others took their sweet time catching up. I had to wait several minutes!

Sir Sheriff wasn’t too pleased with us and yelled alot. Turned out Grak had robbed the Harker residence blind and for some reason he though I was in on it! Well I tried to convince him how wrong he was, and I think I got through to him! Well after a few days anyways. I made him think that we had found the black book in the secret compartment rather than Harker’s ill gotten gains. We shared what we had learned about the undead and the cult, and I even gave him some tips for the nightly patrols. We were asked to keep away from the investigation and to not leave town despite this! How do they expect to catch the culprits without my help? Father Sir left soon, but before he did I told him about Grast and asked him to send someone to the sanatorium.

15th and 16th day of Lamashan 4707
Several days went by and not a word about the investigation. Knowing that the Skinsaw cult was out there and that we weren’t allowed to help was driving me insane! I checked in with Father Sir, and it seemed like Grast Sevilla was a lost cause. So all that trouble was for nothing. But the 15th in the morning we heard rumors about a development in the investigation. Another criminal, a varisian girl named Sabriyya, had been killed in an ally not far from the harbor. The city guard also had a person in custody! I went to speak to Sir Sheriff alone since the others were otherwise busy. This time he was a little more forthcomming, and he might allow us to help soon if I keep our rangers on a short leash! They had found another message pierced to the thief, once again meant for Grak’s eyes. The suspect in custody seemed to be someone important to Grak. The only one I know of is his father. Could it really be him?

Later that day Leewald approached and told me he was going to patrol the waterfront tonight. Itching to do something, anything, I begged him to bring me along! Later that night, after a good long nap, we were patrolling when we heard barking and growling. We began to intercept!



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